About Josh Lewy

Josh Lewy is an alpine adventure enthusiast who lives in the Pacific Northwest. He’s passionate about the outdoors, mountain climbing, photography, posting stories, and web design.

Alpine Accomplishments

  • 200+ Peaks including:
  • Alpamayo (19,512 ft, WI3, 8 Pitches)
  • Pioneering Sky Rocket Couloir, Glacier Peak Mega Circuit & Running Bear Ridge
  • Johannesburg & Burgundy Spire

Mountaineering Goals

  • Waddington
  • Mount Hunter West Ridge
  • Denali


  • Glacier and Steep Snow Climbing
  • Lead up to YDS 5.7
  • Ice Climbing WI4
  • Navigating Whiteouts and super choss

Bouncing to the top of Frog Peak

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